We're a branding and experience design studio for consumer-centric, tech-enabled startups, based out of New York.

We employ design-led thinking and hands-on collaboration with operators and founders to build, launch, and scale ideas into product/market fit businesses. 

Who you are

Within consumer to high-tech categories, we focus on partnering with early-stage to growing startup founders and venture investors.

How we work

We employ a decentralized network of experts from the fields of design, brand, research, strategy, development, packaging, and growth marketing.

Experience Design

Our heritage is in designing digital experiences that engage and empower users by guiding them with intuitive and supportive design techniques, across web and native applications.

Creative Direction

We build, and guide, creative teams for early-stage startups across all channels.


We shape the communication, connection, and language of a brand to give customers a consistent, yet adaptive experience, at each touchpoint.


We direct and produce dynamic, visual content that's emotionally intelligent and crafted for a wide array of usage.


Our AI-enabled, growth-marketing strategies promote real, sustainable growth across both paid and organic.

Service Design

We combine technology, wayfinding, and interior design to create intimate, delightful, and seamless in-person user experiences for hospitality, fast-casual, and retail categories.

Founded by Emmett Shine
Gin Lane

Co-founder, Gin Lane, 2007-2019

The digital-led, NYC-based creative agency that created over $10B worth of market value by launching over 50 startups, with 7 exits.

Select Startup Clients

Select Industry Leader Clients

Pattern Brands

Co-founder, Pattern Brands, 2019

A portfolio platform of best-in-class owned and operated home brands. Operating across DTC, Amazon, wholesale, and retail channels.

I. Project-Based

Our start-to-finish projects; like launches, website/application builds, packaging, and branding engagements.

We scope in sprint cycles, and run weekly reps to keep the pace constant, and iterative.

II. Monthly retainer

For ongoing services we take the same sprint-based approach, and run it month-over-month.

We weave all creative-direction with tight cross-functional teams.